Hurst Dental Laboratory Inc.

Hurst Dental Laboratory is a removable prosthetic lab that has been serving the dental profession since 1949. We offer the most up-to-date materials and techniques available that are of true quality. Our products are offered in a timely fashion, in the most professional manner. We offer free pick-up and delivery as well as same day service on repairs and relines. All work is produced in house by Certified Dental Technicians, giving you superior product quality and personal service. Our goal is to make your job easier and more enjoyable for you, and your staff.

We offer Thermoflex, a tooth colored acetyl resin clasp, developed by Dentsply Austenal. Thermoflex allows fit and function to work together. The clasp is retentive, very esthetic, and most importantly, compatible with the patient's natural dentition. This clasp is available in conjunction with our Vitallium 2000 Plus alloy and acrylic partials. It can also be added to existing partials.

We manufacture our own frameworks with Dentsply Austenal Vitallium 2000 plus alloy, which allows us to give you a hypoallergenic frame, as well as the convenience of only working with one removable lab. Working with a Vitallium franchised laboratory guarantees your office you are receiving a quality controlled product, like all of the products in our lab.

Our lab uses the IvoBase injection processing technique, which gives the most accurate denture possible. We have d have received a great deal of support from our doctors due to this system lowering, if not eliminating, the need of a follow-up visit for the all too common sore spots, and occlusal adjustments. IvoBase is used for all of our processing and could greatly increase your patient's satisfaction and success. Our dentures are made with Ivoclar BlueLine, Dentsply Portrait, and Bioblend IPN teeth and we stock most molds and shades. However, if you would like teeth that are not in stock we will special order them and still offer prompt service. Please allow additional time for tooth shipment. Ivoclar injection gives us the capability of processing a large array of attachments and implants. By doing this it eliminates the need to cold cure chair side. For more information on our attachments and implants, please call and someone will happily talk with you, and can offer immediate service.

Please feel free to call with any question or comments concerning our laboratory or the products that we offer. If you would like to talk more about our products please call (336) 761-1616 and one of our certified technicians will be happy to talk with you, or set to set up a time to meet with you.



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